Soap connoisseurs define artisanal soap as made from scratch. Once hooked on artisanal soap it is difficult to look at a commercial bar in the same light. While commercial soaps may include detergents and synthetics artisanal soap focuses on elemental and organic ingredients. True soap originates from a chemical reaction between sodium hydroxide, water (inorganic) and fatty acids, Oils and extracts (organic). This reaction is known as saponification. Saponification also releases glycerine. In commercially processed soap the glycerine is drained off and often used in higher value cosmetics as it is costly. Artisanal soap which is made in small batches retains the glycerine. This artisanal approach results in higher quality soap with improved softness, creamier lather and mildness. Tintiloux artisanal vegetable oil soaps are slow crafted in small batches using old fashioned hot process method and do not contain any animal products.

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