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           A FOCUS ON NATURE

                 BALANCED WITH SCIENCE

Tintiloux embodies a creative approach to functional cosmetics, the result being products that are fun to give or receive. Sioux Brouwer established Tintiloux in January 2010.  Tintiloux is primarily a perfumery and boutique cosmetology workshop producing artisanal cosmetics with a natural feel.  At Tintiloux, science meets nature for the absolute best of both worlds.  We have a simplistic approach to packaging, but attention to detail in research, development and formulation of products.  Tintiloux occupies a unique niche in the market producing aspirational yet affordable products that as a young brand has already attracted a word-of-mouth following.

Our Story

The Tintiloux story begins in Noordhoek in 2010.

Tintiloux Parfumerie Extraordinaire originated with bespoke perfumes which were soon complemented by an aspirational range of personal care products and soaps, all made using traditional artisanal methods.

At Tintiloux we remain focussed on using natural ingredients, but in our experience a combination of science and nature is optimal.

Products are produced in small batches. This allows for attention to quality, ethical sourcing and manufacturing. This also allows enough flexibility to encourage the flow of creative spirit in the art of cosmetics, the very substance of Tintiloux.

Tintiloux customers value the quality and authenticity that can only be achieved using the traditional methods of cosmetology passed down one apprentice to another.

The brand has inspired confidence in contract clients, for which bespoke products have been designed, created and are distributed under their own labels. Tintiloux is growing organically. Our new product development for 2018 is themed on a celebration of African ingredients and cultural beauty traditions, which we weave and thread into everything we do. These threads ultimately tell the story of Tintiloux. Growth and change are inevitable as we embrace new opportunities.   What remains constant is the commitment to the spirit of Tintiloux which is innovation with passion in a creative environment. This becomes the tangible quality that keeps Tintiloux customers coming back for more.

Our bespoke products are crafted at the Montebello Design Centre in Newlands. It is a symbiotic creative melting pot we call home.


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